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Heaven and Hell in modern fiction

Modern fiction writers, whether novel, short story, TV, film or comic book – understand the mechanics of evil extraordinarily well. All the various ways that human beings can transgress against their higher nature is detailed with chilling accuracy. And when the occult is brought in as a plot element, the evil always “comes alive” as it were. Demons have personality, hell is interesting. Heaven, on the other hand, is boring. It is full of straight-laced fundies playing harp. It even seems as if relinquishing freedom is the only way not to sin and therefore to get into heaven. Heaven is for conformists who held to the letter of the law as given in the Bible. There really is no understanding of the sublime role of Good in the world. Good is performed mostly by people who are not inclined to question why they are conforming to the letter of the Bible. This really is a curious phenomenon.

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