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Steiner at a christening

“I would next like to relate what happened at the Christening of my son Christward Johannes because that too shows so much of Dr. Steiner‘s character. It was in our room that the ceremony was enacted in the house of Frau Wirz which is the present `Schiefer’ boarding-house. We had decorated the room very beautifully with flowers and the altar stood beneath the ‘Milan’ Christ picture. My son wore a traditional light blue Christening gown and was in a ‘carrying-cushion’ of the same colour. It had been worn in our family for generations and looked very festive and splendid. To my dismay the child cried a lot during the service and afterwards Dr Steiner Said to me: ‘Yes, he was hungry.’ I told him that he had had his bottle just before the Christening but Dr Steiner said, ‘Nevertheless he was hungry. Get him another bottle straight away.’ I was a little afraid that it might not be good for him because the ward sister had told me not to give him too much to drink. But when the bottle was ready Dr Steiner took the child on his lap, sat down comfortably in the armchair and fed it himself f and the bottle was empty in no time. ‘You see, he is happy now and is laughing. Give him an extra bottle from me every day.’ It did the child a lot of good and he throve splendidly.”
(this was approximately 1923)
Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von Sievers
By Ilona Schubert
Temple Lodge Press, London 1991

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