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Steiner on occult development

According to Steiner, esoteric training is open to anyone:
“Anyone can set out on the esoteric path; it is closed to no one. The mysteries are present in the breast of each human being. All that is required a serious inner work in the possibility to free ourselves of all the obstacles the block this subtle inner life. We must realize that the world’s greatest and most distant aspects are revealed to us in the most intimate ways. Humanity’s wisest members have no other means of attaining great truths in the path described here. They achieve these truths because they discovered the path with themselves, because they knew that they have to practice patients in steadfastness in carrying out these routines.”
Rudolf Steiner. “First Steps in Inner Development.” Hudson, NY: Anthroposophic Press, 1999. Page 23. Lecture of 15 Dec 1904 (GA 53) translated by Catherine Creeger.
On the other hand, no one is obligated to walk this path:
“No one is exhorted to become an occultist; one must come to occultism of one’s own volition. Whoever says that we do not need occultism will not need to occupy himself with it. At this time, occultism does not appeal to mankind in general. In fact, it is extremely difficult in the present culture to submit to those rules of conduct which will open the spiritual world.”
Rudolf Steiner. “Esoteric Development.” New York: Anthroposophic Press, 1982. Pages 2-3. Lecture of December 7th, 1905 (GA 54).

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