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About my Defending Steiner site.

I’d like to introduce my new site Defending Steiner. It was my goal to discuss some of the things that I have been reading about Steiner on the Internet during the past several years. I’ve been reading Steiner since the early 1990’s, and read several biographies as well. Yet the character that I was meeting in some Internet profiles was nothing like the Steiner I knew. Was I severely mislead and missing important aspects of Steiner’s character? At first I wasn’t sure. “Perhaps it is true, and I’ve missed it all these years.” I thougth to myself. After all, it is a well-known fact that humans can focus on only what they want to see and miss obvious things that they don’t want to know about. So I resolved to get to the bottom of it.
Reading some of the accusations carefully, I went systematically through the sources referenced to see what it was I had overlooked all these years. Instead, what I found was very interesting, and actually upset me quite a bit. For the most part the sensational accusations of racism and anti-Semitism were entirely fabricated! That is, the “evidence” to establish the claim was almost all falsified in one way or another!
Now certainly it is easy for me to write such counter-accusations; as easy as it is to make them up in the first place. So if you want to know what to believe, then I encourage you to do the research yourself. Or at least look at some of the things I have written. I’ll go into it in detail in future posts.

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