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Libertarian nonsense

Here is a silly graphic that is circulating on the Internet:

The historian in me has to point out that a lot of this is drivel – and imaginary past that bears almost no resemblance to what 125 years ago actually looked like.

125 years ago child labor was legal. And common. Most milk bought in a city was adulterated. To say nothing of packaged meat products. “Freedom of contract” caused most working men to demand unions. It was a federal crime to mail information about birth control to married women. And I won’t begin to get into race and gender inequalities. Oh, and you couldn’t buy an internal combustion engine vehicle, much less drive it between cities (’cause they weren’t yet in commercial production). And most historians consider the 16th amendment to have been properly ratified (by the requisite 36 states) on February 3, 1913 (ultimately 42 states ratified it). 125 years ago marriage licenses were common in the US and often required a fee. With a bit more time I could probably debunk the other half of the claims.

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