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The simple truth about hacking Hillary’s email server

So some people claim Hillary’s email server was hacked. Some even claim that it was left insecure on purpose so that friends could read classified material without clearances (by exploiting the lack of security). Such claims can’t be disproved, but they go way beyond the evidence. If you believe in strict rules of evidence, then you have to admit that we will never know for sure one way or the other whether the server was hacked, because no one was ever able to do a forensic analysis on it. In the absence of evidence, you can either choose to believe that it wasn’t hacked, or you can believe it was – by hostile powers, or allies, or Clinton Foundation donors on invitation. Or you can believe any other explanation you care to make up. But any explanation will have to remain a belief, because of the absence of evidence. Frustrating on all sides, I know. But I point this out in the interests of accuracy. The short answer to the “who hacked the email server” question: we don’t know, because the evidence is missing. How much of it was classified? Again, we don’t know because 30,000 messages are missing. Of the tens of thousands of messages that are available and were examined, a few were confidential, and a few contained information that became classified after the email was sent. So how much of a deal we should be making about the server? Hard to say. There are too many unanswered questions – about whether the server itself was ever hacked, and what might have been on it. But there is no shortage of people who are sure they know.

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