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Craigslist and false flag operations

So my Senator (Cory Gardner, R-CO) went on TV to complain about all the calls that are flooding his office complaining about, well all the things that have Coloradans upset. Many of them, he claims, are from paid out-of-state activists. He’s seen the Craigslist ads. Of course I called both his offices to let him know that I am a constituent and not at all paid, and the reason I’ve been calling so much has everything to do with the constant stream of outrageous things happening in Washington, and he had better start taking it seriously. But that got me thinking. I mean, how much does it cost to put an ad on craigslist? Gigs are $25 in major markets, and less in small cities. So all some enterprising conservative provocateur needs is a credit card, and boom, all those calls suddenly have a nefarious explanation. It’s not your angry constituents, just sore looser paid activists. If anyone went ahead and did it (assuming they haven’t already) it would be a classic false flag operation. And in this age of dubious facts and conflicting narratives, $25 is all it takes to ignore half the state of Colorado. At least for a while.

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