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Voters want bi-partisanship?

According to a recent poll, most voters want Democrats to work with Trump. At least that is what the headline said; I’m not sure about the methodology or sample size, but it seems plausibly representative. Sure, most voters favor a bi-partisan approach in theory. They elected Obama on that very premise (“…not Red America and Blue America, but the United States of America”). But voters also elect rabidly partisan Congress-creatures in heavily gerrymandered districts. So cooperation is impossible. Instead both sides (but especially Republicans) insist on using the general desire for bi-partisanship as a transparent excuse for demanding support for bills that are rabidly partisan. But it is only a marketing ploy. When Obama was ready to make massive concessions on entitlements with the Republican leadership in 2011, the Republican leadership bailed on him because they couldn’t get the votes on their own side.┬áSecond example: Obama could have nominated a staunch liberal to the Supreme Court opening in February, 2016. Instead he nominated Merrick Garland, a centrist that Republicans had specifically asked for in earlier rounds. And they refused to even hold hearings, much less a vote. So which party is refusing to compromise?

In case anyone is wondering, the only cure is independent, neutral district creation. Letting politicians choose their own voters is what got us a structure that is incapable of compromise. And guess which party opposes this? Too much money is at stake to actually allow the public a say in how they are governed.

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