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On Republican talking points about Flynn

So House Republicans are pushing the talking point, “Why were Michael Flynn’s calls being monitored? Recording American citizens’ telephone calls is deeply disturbing.” This from the group that recently reauthorized the Patriot Act (which authorized the NSA to listen in all all sorts of American’s phone calls). But mass surveillance aside, Flynn was talking to the Russian Ambassador. On the Russian Ambassador’s official cell phone. Not even the Russian Ambassador himself would believe his calls weren’t being monitored. Such an intercept would get authorized even by extensive review processes and judicial oversight. And probably was. What national security official is not going to authorize wiretapping agents of the Russian government working in the US?

So if¬†House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) is wondering why Flynn’s conversations were recorded in the first place¬†and he chairs the House Intelligence Committee, he surely know already. If he doesn’t, he is supremely unqualified for his job. And if he does know, he is lying to the American people for partisan political advantage. It doesn’t look good either way.

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