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Don’t Expect Political Compromise Any Time Soon

As long as districts remain gerrymandered, the best bet for any House Democrat currently in office is to follow the GOP roadmap (obstruction). After all, they will face increasing pressure from the left. For statewide races (Senate) red states will remain red, blue states will remain blue. Only a handful will be up for grabs, so only those handful of politicians in those purple states face any real pressure to look like they are trying to collaborate. The last two Democratic presidents tried really hard to compromise, and got thoroughly taken advantage of (at least, that is how the story goes on the left) so increasingly few Democratic voters support that path. Meanwhile, despite representing only 35% of the country on most issues (opinion polls issue by the issue), the GOP is not even trying to forge a middle-road compromise agenda, and is acting like they won with a 70% majority. Trump is even trying to tell everyone he won with a 70% majority. In this climate, Democrats would be wise to say, “Compromise? After you.”

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