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Wiretapping Trump Tower

So Trump is upset that phone lines in Trump tower were wiretapped by the US counter-intelligence services. Some common sense here. Counter-intelligence is constantly tracking the contacts of the agents of the Russian government. And the Patriot Act gives the NSA the right to tap THREE DEGREES OF SEPARATION from anyone suspected of being a foreign agent or terrorist (thanks, Republican Party, for re-authorizing that while posturing about liberty). So pretty much the whole country (mathematically) can be legally wiretapped on an administrative order if it originates from the right office.
If phone lines in Trump Tower were tapped, you can be pretty sure that:
1. The wiretap was authorized.
2. It was technically legal.
3. Obama likely had no idea, and was not ever asked to approve it (this is handled way lower down).
The real question is: What was going on in Trump Tower that US counter-espionage agents could get that wiretap?

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