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More on the American Health Care Act

What the proposed Republican health plan does not do: try to actually fix anything. What it does do: Cut taxes on the rich. Damage women’s health. Tinker on the edges of the current system, but in ways that will only make things worse for the middle class, and be disastrous for the poor. Hardly a surprise, I suppose.
To be clear, there is nothing in there to address big pharma profiteering, introduce competition or transparency to pricing, curb systemic abuses like the “in plan hospital, out of plan doctor we never told you about” billing, or address the mis-alignment of incentives that drove the US health care system to become the most expensive yet least efficient in the entire world. So we will continue to have a system that makes billionaires (yes, billionaires) out of health company executives who figure out how to game the system while half the population can’t afford basic services, because they have to pay five to fifteen times what the rest of the world pays for the same drugs or procedures.
At this point I’m really unclear on how this is supposed to make America great again.

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