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Killing your own voters?

So the current Ryancare proposal has analysts seriously asking, “Are Republicans intentionally trying to kill their own voters?” Because the group that will be hit hardest are older, less affluent (but not actually poor) people living in predominantly rural counties. You know, the counties that went for Trump over Clinton by large margins.
Two parts of the proposal really affect that group: the change that allows insurance companies to charge older people up to 5 times what they charge younger people (rather than the 3x max under the ACA), and reduction of subsidies to help pay for premiums. Like, for people who can’t afford $2,300/month for insurance. Which is what it will cost older middle class people when the price cap is lifted. The subsidies (in the form of tax credits) will be worth up to $5,000/year. So guess who is likely to drop coverage (no penalty for that any more) and then die from an otherwise curable ailment because they can’t afford treatment, and don’t have insurance. Or maybe that is the plan, because if they don’t make it to 65 they won’t draw on Medicaid (or Social Security), and that will keep the deficit down?
However, these dead Republican voters will likely just be the casualties of the rush to give $660 billion to the wealthy (value of Ryancare tax cuts to those making over $200,000 over then next ten years) and not intentional targets.

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