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On the 2017 GOP Health Bill

May 4th:

Welcome to Trump’s America, where the GOP House passes a health insurance bill that is a couple of days old, hardly anyone has read, and hasn’t been formally analyzed for its impact. Because the details aren’t really important. A $600 billion give-away to the wealthy in the form of tax cuts can’t get hung up on the need to know exact how many people are going lose coverage as a result. The donors need their payoff!

May 5th:

A newly discovered feature buried in the Trumpcare bill – it allows insurance companies to re-introduce lifetime caps on payouts. Oh, and this applies to people with insurance through work, so in short is screws every last person with health insurance in the country. Thanks, Republicans.


A preliminary analysis indicates that Trumpcare as proposed would constitute the single greatest redistribution from the poor and middle class to the wealthy in modern history.

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