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Failure of process in the Health bill

From Robert Reich:

“How is it possible to debate a bill that doesn’t exist? How is it possible to vote to debate a bill on which there have been no hearings, that the Congressional Budget Office hasn’t analyzed, that no senators have seen, and that the American public doesn’t have a clue about?”

And that about sums up the GOP approach to health care. Everything they claimed Obama did (most of which he didn’t) they are doing. The ACA had a year of hearings, was analyzed seven ways from Sunday, full text available at every step, input from every possible constituency. Hospitals, doctor’s groups, etc. all involved. And lots of public outreach explaining ad nauseum the details. And that process was criticized as not sufficiently inclusive. So now it is the GOP turn and we don’t even know what they are actually proposing, much less what the impacts are going to be. That is no way to govern.

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