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Truth in Political Advertising

So Republicans in Wisconsin just voted to give $3 billion to a Chinese corporation. In exchange for a factory that will, in all likelihood never generate enough tax revenue to pay back that “investment”. (Foxconn in Wisconsin). Some times I really wish Republicans would listen to their own talking points – for example about how government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers in the marketplace. But I guess that rhetoric is just for votes. Their political ads need a disclaimer (“the values in this ad are just for show, and will not translate into actual legislation”).

This is nothing less than the Government is picking winners and losers. There are plenty of other companies that aren’t getting big checks from the Wisconsin government, including many currently operating in the state. In addition there is the pure hypocrisy of going after a Democratic administration for subsidizing alternative energy using that line of argumentation, and then burning your own argument on a huge pile of hundred dollar bills when it comes to massive taxpayer give-aways to highly profitable corporations.

Foxconn’s factory will create a few thousand jobs at best, and possibly only a few hundred, and Foxconn gets the money regardless. Give me $3 billion and I can make a few hundred jobs too.

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