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Trump’s Tax Plan

“This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity…” says Trump of his newly-announced tax plan. The tax plan that gives most of its benefits to the ultra wealthy, and is most generous of all to wealthy people whose holdings are structured the way Trumps are. He’s right about the once-in-a-generation bit. Under no other conceivable circumstances would lowering Trumps taxes be the nation’s top...

Deficit Hawks No More

Nearing extinction: the Deficit Hawk. Once shrill and abundant, the species can hardly be found when the agenda is massive tax cuts for billionaires.

How Facebook is Bad for Democracy

On Facebook I recently noticed an increase of the following message on the comments of political articles: “Top Comments is selected, so some replies may have been filtered out.” So Facebook is so intent on feeding us only what its algorithm thinks we want to hear that it won’t even let us see opposing viewpoints. Facebook obviously know I’m liberal, and not just from clicking “Like” on...

Pharma Profits

Pharmaceutical company profits really are a zero-sum game. Either we control medical costs and that means less pharma profits, or the public continues to get ever more screwed. And we know that no matter how high pharma profits go, and how many hundreds of millions pharma CEOs make, they will continue to try to screw the whole of society even more than they already are because… capitalism. (They are literally taught...