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The Clinton Uranium Deal

What’s up with the “Clinton Uranium Deal”? Well, the facts as we know them as of today… A Russian company bought a Canadian mining company with US assets that specializes in uranium. To do this required a permit. From the NY Times: “For starters, there seems to be a suspicion on the right that American uranium is going to Russia, while in fact there’s no export license—so the uranium stays in...

Ryan on Congress

Interesting observation of the week: “We basically run a coalition government without the efficiency of a parliamentary system.” Speaker Ryan on the US Congress.

Trump the Unprecedented

Historian Julian Zelizer explains in the Atlantic what is actually unprecedented about Trump, and what is frequently called unprecedented, but actually has lots of precedent. The short version: Two things are unprecedented: 1. Unfiltered spur-of-the-moment communications from POTUS (Twitter, rambling interviews) including spontaneous constant attacks on friends and enemies alike. 2. Trumps’s financial conflicts of...

The cost of mass shootings

Mass shootings in the US have cost the victims over $750 million in medical expenses over the past 25 years. Just another form of wealth transfer built into the system; gun company investors get rich selling 200 million firearms into the population. Medical industry profits from ER (seriously, have you seen what a trip to ER for dehydration costs?). Ordinary people pay to fix their own damage when they get hit with a bullet....

Intellectually honest headline of the day

Intellectually honest headline of the day: “CERN Scientists Conclude that the Universe Should Not Exist”.