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Covid and Karma

Someone asked: “So let’s say bats are the third cause and the virus the second; what is the primary if we look on it from an Anthroposophical perspective?”

Karma. Steiner was fairly clear on this. Susceptibility is a function of past-life karma. However, in epidemics you have to do not just backwards karma, since Steiner said emphatically that you can catch something, the cause for which does not lie in the past. Among other reasons, because physical weaknesses are heritable, and the sins of past generations enter the bloodline, predisposing whole groups to certain outbreaks – karma in the etheric. So when things go around, some people get it just because. Then it becomes part of their forward karma. Epidemics exist to balance out moral excesses of a society (Steiner’s claim). So this one is likely attributable to materialism and consumerism on a world-historical level. For any given individual who gets it you could be dealing with either scenario – personal karma or wrong-place-at-the-wrong time. Steiner said it was generally inappropriate to “peek” into individual karmic causes, especially as a precondition to healing.

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