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The Feminine in the Bible III

Another recent conversation concerned how the feminine principles of spirituality have been repressed in Western culture over the last 2000 years, with reference to some lectures by Steiner in “The Temple Legend”. That the Freemasons were aligned on one side of the conflict ? against the feminine – was quite clear in Steiner’s presentation. As such, to me they represent “individuals who find themselves representing… forces are far greater than [themselves]”. I feel we must see the forces (such as Freemasonry) as separate and above the individuals who work in that stream. That an individual freemason may have incarnated to a specific destiny with specific anti-feminine goals is probable. However, I don’t see that same individual reincarnating again as a Freemason and again with the same goals. That individual would likely have some karmic balancing to do, and probably would be working in a pro-feminine manner in their next incarnation. Others would be continuing the work of Freemasonry, and the former Freemason might even find himself opposing them!

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