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Ways of looking at the Bible

The stories in Genesis can be read from a number of different levels. Thus, for example, a day of creation is not one rotation of the earth around the sun – the sun had not even been created at the end of the first day. So day is just an indication for a period of time. Likewise, from one level, the story of the creation of Adam and Eve is an expression of the experiences that everyone went through at that time period, not just two individuals. The requirements of the earth and of cosmic evolution necessitated a division of the human form into two genders. As a consequence, the egos wishing to incarnate had to limit themselves to just one aspect of the human experience for one lifetime, and through reincarnation alternate so as to balance and complement the experiences gained as one gender through those of the other. The spirit has no gender, only the body (physical and etheric) has gender. The spirit moves from body to body (with rest in between) from male to female and back. Eve is contained within the unfallen Adam. In Emil Bock’s translation of Genesis: “In the Image of God they created him, male/female they created him.” (Another mystery – in the Hebrew version of Genesis, God is plural, so it reads: “During the beginning, the Elohim (plural) created the heaves and the earth…” Jehova, singular, only comes later.) There is much profound knowledge hidden in plain sight in these texts.

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