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Understanding without effort?

Someone asked how to present this type of biblical interpretation to people who are unwilling to read a serious book on the matter. Presenting these ideas to people unwilling or unable to make the effort to read Bock or Steiner is generally not possible; I find that you can at best plant a seed that might one day lead them in that direction. You can do this easily if you memorize Bock’s arguments for his (and Steiner’s) interpretation. For example, Genesis must be allegorical because the sun was not created on the first or day second day. If these were literal days, how was the time they measured? After all, we measure time by the earth’s rotation around the sun. There are several such “hummm” points that Bock brings up, such as the difference between “God” the Elohim (plural in the Hebrew) mentioned at the beginning of Genesis and “God” Jehova (singular masculine) later. I don’t have the book handy, but you can find them. Bringing them up in conversation, as questions can be interesting.

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