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Obamacare is not easily repealed

The NY Times headline, “Trump says he may keep parts of Obamacare”. This is more or less what the experts I was reading in the last two days predicted. He’s going to keep those parts that would require overcoming a Democratic filibuster to repeal, and repeal the parts the can be done in a reconciliation process with a simple majority. Additional benefit: he can have it both ways – he “repealed” Obamacare (campaign promise met) but any problems with health care are still Obama’s fault because we are in a post-truth era. The two pieces he wants to keep include the one that is the most expensive (guaranteed coverage of pre-existing conditions) but without the individual mandate that brings in money to pay for it. So the inevitable result of this will be that insurance gets much more expensive for everyone with coverage. But in the short term Trump looks like a hero.

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