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Fountain Pens

I am going to be reviewing a number of fountain pens in some upcoming posts. I have a sentimental reason for liking fountain pens. Back when I was a wee lad in elementary school I originally learn to write with block crayons. And then stick crayons. And then, sometime around third grade, we graduated to fountain pens. I believe they were basic Schaefer 1980s school pens. Nothing fancy. Steel nib with ink cartridges. And so for me proper writing — writing that is done carefully and intentionally — is done on unlined paper with a fountain pen. Because that’s how I learned. I went on to appreciate a wide number of other writing instruments — big mechanical pencils and Pilot rollerball pens — but every few years I find myself looking at fountain pens again. As I said, sentimental reasons. Recently I found myself wondering how much better the $400 fountain pen could be from some of the basic $3 dollar models that you can get direct from China on eBay. So as I go through these reviews I will be reviewing a large number of inexpensive pens, as well as a handful of diverse premium pens. I will revisit the question of value at the end of this experiment.

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