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Why Trump’s Experience is not helping him

So Trump, the CEO guy (or at least he plays one on TV) is having a rough time managing the federal bureaucracy. Which really shouldn’t be any surprise, since his previous experience was essentially running a lifestyle brand. He did some real estate development, not very successfully, and most of his actual profit in recent years came from brand licensing (most of those “Trump” towers around the world—in Turkey, India, etc.—are not built with Trump’s money; the developers just license the right to put the Trump name on the building as a kind of win-win value added to developments that were going to get built anyway). Whether it is real estate, golf courses, or wine, Trump provides the name, and other people make and sell the product. The purpose of the TV show was to enhance the brand and increase licensing fees. And even the run for president was, if certain sources are to be believed, just to play to enhance the Trump brand. No one seems more surprised than Trump himself that it actually got this far. In any case, that’s not exactly the ideal background to run an organization as complex as the federal government. Especially when you come into your new job telling everybody that works for you that they are ignorant, lazy, doing it all wrong, and now you’re going to straighten them out. And exclude anyone who’s ever uttered a criticism of you in the past. So no wonder the early results are not encouraging. It is becoming abundantly clear that Trump really doesn’t have any relevant management experience for the job he’s been elected to do. Nor is his learning curve to date terribly promising.

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