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What to call the Ryan health plan? How about Republican Insurance Plan, or RIP for short. Because that is their plan for you if you get sick – RIP.

But at least they saved $660 billion to “give back” to people making over $200,000 per year! It’s all about priorities.

The Ryan plan takes care of “our people” alright. $660 billion in tax cuts for the wealthy. The 24 million people kicked off insurance are just an unfortunate casualty. Somebody has to pay for the upward redistribution. The billionaires aren’t getting their $660 billion from nowhere.

Thanks to the CBO we have a number for the Republican Insurance Plan (RIP for short) – 36,000. That is how many people are projected to die, every single year, as a result of the changes if the bill passes (as compared to how many fewer would die if we leave the current law in place). Does that make the Republican caucus in Congress a “Death Panel”?

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