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Motives on the left and right

I tend to resist facile equivalences. The motives and methods on the left and right are not the same. There are some principled Republicans who oppose any government involvement in health care. This is a principled stand, and people can disagree, but it is grounded in a certain worldview. Now it so happens that a lot of people who don’t want government in health care happen to be extraordinarily rich. Which has two implications. One is the role of financial self-interest in the maintenance of such a worldview. And the second is the ability to finance all sorts of methods of amplifying their views, leading to the strange phenomenon where a certain mass of people are totally bough in to a worldview that is actually counter to their financial self interest. And I don’t think this is a coincidence. Now the left likewise has a worldview. It is a wordview that those on the right find abhorrent. Because it involves a society lifting all members. And it requires non-voluntary contributions based on the ability to pay. And it uses phrases like “social justice”. This worldview too has some strange allies, including some of wealthy people who would see their own taxes go way up. It also has some false allies like the wealthy who try to control the Democratic party, but more to water down the grassroots’ aims then to support them. But it is this worldview of a society that isn’t rapacious, where the playing field isn’t impossible tipped before the game even begins, where one health issue doesn’t ruin your life, that the left is pursuing. The big difference is on the left it is the grassroots driving the agenda; on the right it is their elite who are setting the goals.

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