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How Trump hurts American Agri-businesses

How Trump hurts American businesses (agricultural version): Bloomberg BusinessWeek week recently reported that Brazil, Argentina, the Ukraine, Russia, and Australia are now all eager to displace the United States as the world’s largest exporter of grains and bulk food crops. Since–the article notes–Trump has signaled to the world that supplies and exports from the United States may become suddenly unreliable in the future, all of these other grain-exporting countries see an opportunity. How? Because logically, if two suppliers are priced nearly equally, but one has potential delivery issues, you might rationally choose to go with the supplier charges slightly more but promises complete reliability. And Trump threatening sudden tariffs, and demonstrating sudden travel bans, is signaling that the US isn’t as reliable as it once was. So here is a way that Trump and his band of radicals are already undermining the agricultural sector in the American heartland. And you can read about this in no less than Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the information source for most the world’s large investors.

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