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Trump’s Mandate

“We expect a massive increase in military spending. We expect money for border security in this bill,” Mr. Priebus said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “And it ought to be. Because the president won overwhelmingly. And everyone understands the border wall was part of it.” (NY Times).

Umm, Trump did not win “overwhelmingly”. Not even close. In fact, he barely won. He is, in the end, President. But with the second worst win in all of US history. He’s got no standing to demand that the country go along with his more extreme and controversial demands. He can be a centrist and a populist and maybe win some grudging respect. But if he wants to go hard right and start crowing like he has a huge mandate… sorry, no. And if he want’s to shut down the US government over not getting his way, well, that is between him and his Republican majority in Congress.

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