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Corprotocracy and Net Neutrality

So this is how corprotocracy works… Look at net neutrality. The FCC is looking to make some new rules that will allows some very large corporations make billions of dollars off of some large and a lot of small companies. The stakes are high: as I said, billions of dollars. The Trump-appointed FCC chair is trying to ram the new rules through to overturn the rules put in place during the Obama era. The agency has, by tradition, a public commentary phase. The public has weighed in, with millions of comments objecting. To prevent it from looking too one-sided, dark money has paid for tens of thousands of fake comments in support.

“The Verge reports the flood of fake comments opposing Net Neutrality may have used names and addresses from a breach of 1.4 billion personal information records from marketing company River City Media. Reached on Facebook Messenger, one woman whose named was used “said she hadn’t submitted any comments, didn’t live at that address anymore and didn’t even know what net neutrality is, let alone oppose it.”

Meanwhile, the FCC chair has released a video mocking the opponents of net neutrality. This is our democratic government at work, folks – ignore and mock the public, and use the FCC to enrich the four largest monopolistic media/internet access corporations at the expense of small business and the public… and our democracy.

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