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Trump Jr and Felonies

Just yesterday Donald Trump, Jr. released a bunch of emails where he implicated himself in a Federal felony. I wonder what happened to all the “law and order” Republicans? Here you have a public admission to a Federal felony, and I’ll I hear is, “No it’s not” from a bunch of non-lawyers, and “Hillary did worse” – like we’re back in kindergarten. If Hillary did worse, indict everyone involved. Just do the same when the perpetrator has an (R) after their name too. Either we’re a nation of laws, or the West has ended and we’re back to the Middle Ages where personal loyalty is the whole of the law.

“Federal law makes it a crime for any person to “solicit, accept or receive” a contribution or “anything of value” from a foreign person for a U.S. political campaign or “for the purpose of influencing any election for federal office.” That is a plain statement of the actual Federal Election laws. It is a crime to work with a foreign government to influence a US election. Period. And has been for decades. Nothing new here at all. No double standards. And the spirit of the law is quite well aligned with the technical side: we don’t want other countries to mess with our elections, so we made it illegal for our citizens to work in any way with any foreigners to those ends. And yet Don Jr admitted publicly to doing just that. Sorry, chanting, “But its not illegal” does nothing to change the fact that it is plainly and simply illegal. But that won’t stop a whole lot of non-lawyers from chirping like a chorus of parrots, “But it’s not illegal”. Like kindergarteners; if they say it enough times, that, they believe, will make it true.

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