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GOP Tax Plan VII

Republicans seem determined to demonstrate that, no matter how bad their tax bill, they can always make it worse. In this case by tacking on a repeal of the individual mandate tax. Of course they love the symbolism of “repealing” Obamacare. But this really proves that, on policy, they party is really nothing more than a gang of pestilential plunder monkeys. Because repealing the individual mandate does nothing at all to fix health insurance or repeal Obamacare. All it does is guarantee that the individual insurance markets will see the cost of coverage spiral upwards even more rapidly as healthy individuals bail. So in effect it is nothing more than an further whack at the kneecaps of the middle class, a good percentage of which is already seeing their taxes raised by the bill.

Of course there is always the hope that the individual mandate repeal is being tacked on only because Republicans realize their tax plan will never pass, so this becomes one more symbolic gesture they get to campaign on.

The mind still boggles that the party that screamed “deficit” for 8 years is trying to tell us that a $1.8 trillion increase in the deficit is really no big deal. Let alone their reason for suddenly wanting to put that sum on the national credit card.

(For those not paying attention, the proposed GOP tax cuts will increase the deficit $1.8 trillion – based on the GOP’s own extremely optimistic projections – in order to give 90% of that to the top 1% in the form of lower taxes. They are a bit vague on why this is so important right now… something about jobs and growth that no serious economic projections support. Nor do they explain why the last round of budget-busting tax cuts failed to do anything for the economy, much less why it would be different this time).

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