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When the Shoe is on the Other Foot

So Jeff Sessions announced today that he and the Federal Government are suing California over Sanctuary Cities and their Sanctuary State efforts. Basically, California has decided they won’t devote state or city resources to upholding federal policies they disagree with. Unfortunately, conservatives have made sure that California has every right to do this, with a Supreme Court decision from backĀ in the 1990s, when Republicans were “the resistance”. Markowits in the NY Times:

“..the question was decisively answered by the Supreme Court in 1997 in a case called Printz v. United States. That case involved a challenge to the federal Brady Act, which required local sheriffs to conduct background checks for gun purchasers. Some sheriffs resisted because they objected to the federal regulation of firearms. The Supreme Court, in a decision written by Justice Antonin Scalia, made clear that the sheriffs, and states generally, have a right to abstain from federal law enforcement schemes with which they disagreed.”

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