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The Problem Considering 5G Claims

The real problem is that human physiology is the most complicated thing in the known universe. Multiply that times 9 billion variants and it gets really hard to prove anything. So people make hypotheses, test ideas, and create conceptual frameworks for approaching the overwhelming complexity (ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, western materialistic medicine, anthroposophic medicine, shamanism, etc.). They run studies, meta-studies, statistical analyses, observational studies, and draw from life experience, generalizing from their own life. And of course they study what others have learned, which at this point is way more than any one person can possibly master. So knowledge is organized in to domains, or schools of thought (see the list of models above). And of course some people organize reflexively against a given school of thought; representatives of most of them have harsh things to say against the others. And so we end up in a space where many of us argue ideas against other ideas, abstraction vs abstraction, without having any deeper understanding of the background to those ideas. Germ theory or electrosmog, most proponents only understand the summary, and argue that. And most of us think up novel hypotheses using basic building blocks: the heart has a measurable electromagnetic field, the wifi router emits electromagnetic radiation, people become ill with a novel virus. 1, 2, 3 РI suddenly understand something no one else does. But do you really? Do you really understand electromagnetism? How it interacts with biological systems? And how that in turn affects human health? Or have you simply heard ideas 1, 2, and 3 in order and it all seems logical?

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