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Another Suspicious Covid Article

Here is another article that is briefly popular on social media. It seems people are greatly attracted to ideas that reflexively propose that experts are all wrong and the heroic lone thinker has figured out what has baffled the best minds to date. Even if multiple indicators signal that the writer’s claims should be taken very cautiously.

Covid-19 ~ Hypoxia –

I ran the article by an experienced hospital doctor to get some context. The upshot: though proving anything in the negative is hard, there are enough factual errors in this article to make any subject-area specialist suspicious. For example, the claim the viral pneumonia does not affect both lungs equally is contradicted by clinical experience. Doctors who treat viral pneumonia regularly (and I spoke to one) say that on the contrary, it typically affects both lungs equally. And the idea that the virus is actually working in the blood and not on the lung tissue is, while not impossible, highly unlikely and unlike any of the other coronaviruses that regularly afflict humans. Now, no one is claiming that Covid-19 is fully understood. But the suggestion that the entire medical establishment is getting it all wrong for political reasons is just ignorant.

As for Hydroxychloroquine, its clinical effect is as a damper on an overactive immune system. And since (standard model) Covid-19 kills by triggering an over-response of the immune system that fills the lungs with fluid and waste products, eventually causing death by hypoxia, it would make sense that in some severe cases it could save a patient by suppressing the excessive immune response. This has not been anywhere near clinically established, though there are a number of pilot studies already. Two things to keep in mind: if it does work in some percentage of patients, it will most likely only work on those who are already in ICU; that is, after your immune system has already failed to fight it off. You won’t be popping Hydroxychloroquine for a sore throat. And second, the stuff is not aspirin; it has an alarming list of side effects. This is conventional medicine at its most extreme – a powerful intervention into the body’s normal processes which, in limited circumstances, may be necessary to save a life, but comes with a high chance of messing up a number of unrelated systems. Seriously, read the side effects list on the manufacturer’s website!

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