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Terry Boardman on Covid

Coronavirus and Cosmology: The Study of World Events

I would be more impressed if Terry Boardman actually predicted events like Covid beforehand, rather than offering really elaborate post-hoc explanations dense with carefully curated correspondences. Bill Gates, though depicted as a villain, comes off as far more prescient in that his organization actually did anticipate a coronavirus outbreak beforehand, warned about it, planned for it, and attempted to get people to take it seriously before it was here. To the ignorant that is evidence that somehow must have created it. But really it is simple phenomenology. If you look at how the world works, where viruses come from, where they have been coming from (three times in the last 20 years) and how the spread unfolds you could have predicted every aspect of the last three months save for this one piece: when exactly it would occur. And those who specialize in that area did exactly that.

What Gates did was look at how the world works and make a very obvious prediction, one that pretty much anyone who studied the topic also made. Back when I taught history I covered the 1918 Influenza Epidemic. I can remember back in 2009 when N1H1 was circulating telling my students that there were far more virulent strains of influenza that circulate from time to time, for example the 1918 variant, which had recently been gene sequenced. The researchers did not release the details, only the summary, that the virus was indeed a regular flu virus (flu viruses mutate quickly, which is why we keep getting it over and over again).

It will be interesting to see to what degree Terry Boardman corrects his description of the current pandemic as essentially a hoax and a deception if and when events show otherwise, as the seem to be trending towards.

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