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Mikovits and Money

A lot of the gullible fans of Plandemic make Judy Mikovits into a hero because she supposedly has no financial incentive to telling the “truth”, whereas everyone who objects to her claims is being paid off by Big Pharma. Now Big Pharma is certainly a problem, but Mikovits is not truth-telling for no gain. She’s got a new book out.

Financial gain often comes from selling books. For some authors there are sometimes ancillary revenue streams – hats, bumper stickers, t-shirts, movie rights. Then there are speaking fees, honoraria for lectures and film appearances, etc. But driving book sales from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands can make $1 million or more for the author if the royalties are structured right. The easies is self-publishing. Most self-published books don’t even sell 10 copies. But the author can realize $10/copy for a $25 book. Find a way to sell thousands and that is some pretty good money. Get it into the hundreds of thousands and you are making over $1 million.

In fact, her book is published by Skyhorse, a publishing house specializing in controversial books–a profitable niche. For example, they picked up Woody Allen’s autobiography when the original publisher, Hachette, dropped it. It is impossible to know the royalty structure, but she would typically get 10% of the cover price for the first 5,000 copies, and 15% over 10,000 copies. While she may have gotten a nice advance, she still has a very strong incentive to drive up sales beyond the advance amount.

Meanwhile people have started sharing a PDF version with a Google Drive link, claiming that the fact it is available for free proves Mikovits’ pure intentions. Supposedly the fact it can be pirated shows she isn’t in it for the money. If the publisher intended to give away the book they would have hosted the eBook on their site (it is an $18 eBook on Amazon). The copyright page shows that the rights are held by the publisher, not the author. And there is simply no way the copyright holder just put it on Google Drive, especially when it is a trending bestseller on Amazon. Clearly people don’t understand how the publishing industry works if they think a for-profit corporation is giving away a book. The company invested quite a bit in producing the text, and the copyright is in the corporation’s name. The eBook is not hers to give away even if she wanted to.

Beyond the fact that the book even exists, there is ample evidence it is part of a larger operation involving foundations, famous activists, and a bigger effort. It is sponsored by the Children’s Defense Fund.

Beyond all the financial pieces, the degree of hyperbole in the marketing verbiage ought to set off anyone’s BS meter.

In the end, the effort appears to have succeeded too well. The Plandemic video got so much attention that every single claim is suddenly under intense scrutiny. Dozens of journalists are running down every connection and claim and reporting their findings. Dozens of articles have analysed every angle on this. Of course, the credulous hunker down.

Some things appear convincing at first glance, but fall apart upon further inspection. Plandemic is absolutely that. It attracted enough attention that it has been thoroughly analyzed every which way. The claims simply do not hold up.

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