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The Curriculum of the First Waldorf School

The Curriculum of the First Waldorf School
So I finished up the book this spring. Here’s what I said about it in the blurb:

The original curriculum of the first Waldorf school as it existed in 1925 is laid out in this book. Newly translated with annotations, this edition is presented as a historical artifact for teachers and others looking to understand where the current approaches have evolved from. While not always directly applicable to 21st century schools, it provides clear insight into the initial forms. Caroline von Heydebrand was one of the original class teachers at the first school, and a leading figure in the early days of the Waldorf movement. She published this summary of the Waldorf approach in 1925, in the sixth year of the school. It also guides teachers back to the intentions behind what the Waldorf school was attempting to do – prepare young people to participate in an evolving world. Von Heydebrand can bring modern teachers back to the roots of Waldorf through an appreciation of the curriculum and it purpose.

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